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For a Better Future and a Just Nation.

¿What is SINDJA?

This union was born of the struggle of thousands of agricultural day laborers of the Valley of San Quintin on March 17, 2015. It obtained its official registration on November 28, 2015.

The purpose of the union is to defend the labor and human rights of the millions of agricultural workers whose rights are violated daily in the large agricultural fields in 19 states of the Mexican republic.

This new union proposes uniting each and every worker in the organization and struggle for authentic collective bargaining agreements by which their rights are protected and they are able to receive all of the minimum benefits established by the federal labor law.

jornaleros trabajando en el campo

For more information on SINDJA in English:

Workers and SINDJA confronter grower Felipe Ruiz Esparza Arellano
July 05, 2022

Spring of Discontent: Mexican Berry Pickers Strike for a Bigger Share of Profits

In a major agro-export region four hours south of the U.S-Mexican border, berry pickers went on strike May 28 to demand a bigger share of the profits they produce.

Matthew M. Fischer-Daly PhD
May 03 , 2022

Dignity and bargaining power: Insights from struggles in strawberries

While solidarity is widely understood as key to worker capacity to improve terms and conditions of employment, the creation of solidarity has received less attention

Jornaleros trabajando
August, 2021

Fighting for Work with Dignity in the Fields: Agriculture Global Supply Chains in Morocco, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico

No labor is more fundamental to society than food production, yet most agricultural workers live in poverty and endure dangerous conditions

Farmworkers in a strawberry field
March, 2021

Strawberry Global Supply Chains in Mexico

Strawberry production and sales have accelerated worldwide since the 1990s. Climatic conditions for cultivation limit production locations to coastal areas, and crop perishability requires it to be transported to market within days of being harvested.

Family of farmworker standing in fron of a home
October 31, 2018

The Cross-Border Farmworker Rebellion

Workers in the berry fields of the United States and Mexico have the same transnational employers. Now, farmworker unions in those two nations have begun to work together.

portrait of Abelina Ramirez
17 junio, 2021

Abelina Ramírez: ‘Through our unity, we will win’

When thousands of farmworkers from Mexico’s coastal state of Baja California waged a 12-week strike in 2015 to protest poverty wages—roughly $4 a day...